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Data & Connectivity

We Are The ISP

We don’t simply resell 3rd party packages from other ISPs, we are the ISP. All of our connectivity solutions offer termination into our own core network. This means we are in control and have visibility end-to-end in order to identify and more importantly, fix problems. 

Of course, we do still rely on the incumbents to get the connectivity to our core, but the quantity and quality of these wholesale connections allow us to ensure we can always meet the demands of the services we provide.

We can't pass the buck to the ISP - and we wouldn't want to. Our aim is to ensure the services we provide can be fully supported.

Data Services from USIC

We can offer services for small business, such as ADSL, and FTTC as well as much larger projects combining FTTC, EoFTTC (Ethernet over FTTC – a step towards a dedicated leased line with guaranteed throughput), gFast (up to 330Mb/s over copper), FTTP (up to 1Gbp/s) and of course full and dedicated Fibre based Ethernet services.

All of our connections can have optional 4G fail-over and we can also offer fail-over via other connectivity technologies or wholesale network providers, depending on your requirements.

Smart Core
Our smart core routing allows us to offer simple solutions to otherwise complex multi-site scenarios. This means customers can reduce the on-site hardware and associated support costs. Multi-site groups can incorporate global and private routing as well as a combination.

We are happy to advise and offer solutions to meet your needs and are confident that we have the right tools, services and a common sense approach to ensure we deliver a secure and functional service to you.

Ensuring Security
We also offer dedicated voice connectivity that is not reachable from the rest of the Internet to ensure security, peace of mind and a level of service that can not be interrupted by 3rd party network activity, should this be required.

USIC Cloud 2

USICcloud enables easy access sharing and collaboration of your files from any device.

Unlike most other offerings on the market USICcloud is Our service hosted on Our equipment in Our data facilities and 100% under Our control.

Secure & Reliable

Enterprise-class online storage system providing you with the security and reliability of traditional file servers, without the complexity and cost.

Share & Collaborate

Files can be instantly shared with partners and clients using shared folders, web links or FTP without opening up firewalls or setting up VPNs.

Multi Device Compatibility

Access your USICcloud account with desktop apps on Windows and Mac, our mobile app for iOS or Android devices or through your web browser.

No Hardware
No Hardware

Unlike local storage systems, USICcloud requires no hardware and that means no setup or maintenance. Quick, easy and hassle free.

Access Anywhere

Cloud files are easily accessible from anywhere in the world with any computer, smartphone or tablet using your secure login details.

Fully Audited

USICcloud maintains a copy of all files and changes made on each file with complete easy to access audit history of each access activity.

Hosting & Domain Management

We provide a secure, fast and reliable website hosting service along with domain registration and management tools to ensure your site is served to your visitors quickly. Our hosting offers the most popular tools and languages in a shared environment.

For clients with more complex needs, we can also offer dedicated virtual or physical servers that can offer full control to developers and system administrators. We can tailor this to suit, including a service to ensure the virtual server operating system software is up to date, so you don’t have to worry about taking full responsibility for your dedicated resources.

All hosting is IPv6 enabled and of course, we fully support SSL on all hosting services.

Email for Business

E-Mail is a critical tool for everybody now. Our hosting services do come with POP3 and IMAP functionality as standard, however, most customers now need more than that. As a result, we offer Zimbra based email solutions for collaboration and in-sync email mailboxes for individuals or teams.

Mailboxes are stored in the cloud but accessible via traditional mail clients, a web based mail application and of course on your smartphone and tablet. No matter where you are, as long as you have a data connection, you can access your email, contact and calendar data and also share it with colleagues.

Our web based interface also allows you to operate in an offline mode, so if you know you will not have connectivity, but still need to work on recent emails, you can. Your privacy is important to us, so none of our services rely on you signing away your rights and we won’t tailor any adverts to the content of your inbox!