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Reliable VOIP & SIP Solutions for Business

USICgroup offer all kinds of telecoms services and the founders have been active in SIP and VOIP technologies and solutions since 2002. It’s safe to say we know what our customers need and have implemented a platform that has evolved over more than 18 years. We offer basic SIP trunks to get calls in to or out of your own PBX systems but more commonly we offer a fully hosted VOIP solution that aims to be as flexible as you need.

Packaged & Bespoke VOIP Solutions On Our Own Dedicated Platform

Naturally, we offer ‘off the shelf’ solutions that fit the vast majority of clients, but we are in the fortunate position of developing, building and maintaining our own platform, based on proven OpenSource software. This ensures that we can offer bespoke solutions to customers that other box shifting resellers can not.

Why Our Clients Use USIC VOIP and Voice Solutions

Our VOIP platform is cloud based, self healing and distributed over multiple core sites to ensure we can reach and maintain our aim for 100% uptime. 

The core infrastructure and hardware is owned and maintained by us and our links to 3rd parties to transit calls are dedicated and resilient to ensure the highest quality of service.

Unlike many VOIP providers and as per all of our other services, we control as much of the service as practical. 

We are not simply reselling the services of another telecoms provider. This ensures we have the ability to manage and support our customers and most importantly to us – ensure you get the service you need.

Exceptional Support

USIC provide exceptional and unparalleled support for our clients. With round the clock technical support, uptime guarantees and service level agreements (SLAs). This support paired with advanced backups and failover solutions, provides added peace of mind.  

Managed & Non Managed Solutions

Bespoke solutions for your individual requirements. Our products can be Managed, Non-Managed and Part Managed to provide you with a range of options for your specific needs.

Mobile Integration & Flexible Working

Access our services on the go with our bespoke VOIP mobile app USICpro. Take the office phone with you wherever you go with our simple and easy to use mobile app. Integrated with your mobile phone to provide a seamless, yet professional, solution.

Failover Options

For added peace of mind, we have a number of failover options for our clients. With phone number diverts, hunt group diverts and realtime configuration to act quickly during an emergency. Update your VOIP settings in a matter of minutes with a range of features including call diverts & easy update to welcome messages.

Key Features of our Bespoke VOIP Packages

Advanced Analytics
Build in Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), access live reports and introduce a range of reporting features to monitor and manage your VOIP calls.

Call Queuing
Don’t miss out on customer calls with call queuing to allow multiple callers to hold whilst the line is engaged with other customers.

Call Centre Solutions
Cloud based wallboards for live statistics and easy to access reports. Disposition summaries and agent status stats in the click of a finger.

Real Time Modifications
Configure your VOIP system real time with a range of settings which can either be self configured or modified by our support team.

Call Recording
Whether it is for training, monitoring or regulatory requirements, you can add call recording to your VOIP system and access your recordings easily.

Custom Inbound & Outbound Numbers
With both 01/02 and non-geographic numbers available, you can increase contact rate and trust ratings with our range of options.


Introducing the USICpro VOIP app

A wealth of features which can be accessed on the go. Our USICpro for both iOS and Android provides all of the functionality you require from our VOIP packages in a slick and easy to use mobile app. Working from home today? No problem. Make and receive calls from your office number through the app with a seamless interface mirroring the standard calling feature of your telephone. 

Calls are made through your internet connection and can be carried out on both mobile data and Wifi connections. These calls do not affect your minute allowance and you can even make international calls without the hefty charges from your mobile network provider. 

All of our VOIP packages come complete with the USICpro VOIP app allowing you to utilise your business VOIP lines on the go 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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USICpro App Now Available on App Store & Google Play

Access your VOIP solutions on the go with our all inclusive USICpro app. Using your choice of business telephone numbers to make and receive calls. Take the office landline in your pocket!